SUPP’s new “Secret Weapon”?

15 March, 2011

Just read in the news that George Chan, the chief of SUPP was very pleased with himself on recently returning from Putrajaya. Claiming that he has a new “Secret Weapon”. Just could not resist this image.

I am guessing that the said secret weapon is not “Viagra”, which may be helpful in his private life…I guess this would have probably more to do with the coming state erections…sorry I meant elections.

How funny if  some of the content that could bundled in in this “Secret Wapon Kit”  could include titles like these;


Sodomy for Dummies : edition 1 and 2

Tips on finding the right anus.

Fabricating evidence made easy.

Finding the right judge.

Beginners guide to DNA

Prepared media releases, templates and photo library* for use in your next Sodomy # XXX project  (*royalty free images)

Copies of religious books for “swearing” over. ( * please select your choice of religion and denomination when ordering) * Bonus offer  – prepared outlines of appropriate verses included.

Free online support until you succeed!!!!




Karpal or EC will be record holder for Police Reports?

30 April, 2010

Disgruntled voters in Hulu Selangor to lodge Police Reports against Election Commission..hmm! ” Harapkan pagar..pagar yang makan padi!”

Police shoot and kill 15-year-old schoolboy Aminul Rasyid Amzah.

29 April, 2010

Absolutely unacceptable poor standard of policing resulting in the death of a school kid. To add insult to injury… apparently shot in the back! MUSA should have been sacked a long time ago.

Israeli or Are really spies in Bukit Aman?

6 April, 2010

One wonders?


6 April, 2010

There is a relatively new kid on the media block. These guys seems to be hogging all the limelight.

Overweight leaders, kris waving whilst bedecked in traditional garb….yes, they are PERKASA.

Words cannot begin to describe my thoughts about what they stand for…so i thought a picture would paint a thousand words for me.